CLASP1 Data Access via the VSO

Chromospheric LAyer SpectroPolarimeter (CLASP1)

September 3rd 2015

CLASP, the Chromospheric LAyer SpectroPolarimeter, is a sounding rocket instrument providing polarization measurements of ultraviolet light emitted from the sun's atmosphere. Flight data was taken 2015-09-03 from 17:02:59 - 17:09:18 UT. The context Slit Jaw imager observes in a bandpass centered on 121.6nm (Lyman-α) with ~3.5 nm full width half maximum. The two spectro-polarimetric imagers observe in a wavelength range around Lyman-α at 121.6 nm with different, but overlapping wavelength windows for the two cameras. Both cameras observe Lyman-α at 121.6nm and an O V line at 121.83 nm. SP2 additionally observes the Si III line at 120.65 nm. The data released here are calibrated (see user's guide), and both polarization-modulated (for higher cadence) and demodulated data (Stokes parameters) are provided. IDL routines and the user's guide for CLASP will be provided in a SolarSoft code package. Questions about CLASP can be directed to Amy Winebarger ( See CLASP Sounding Rocket Mission Opens New Research Window in Solar Physics for more information.
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Image: NASA and a global science team have used observations from CLASP sounding rocket mission to provide the first ultraviolet polarization measurements of the sun's outer atmosphere.
Image Credit: NAOJ, JAXA, NASA/MSFC; background solar image: NASA/SDO
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