Hi-C 2.1 Data Access via the VSO

High-Resolution Coronal Imager 2.1

May 29th 2018

        Following the success of the first flight, Hi-C was modified to observe in a different wavelength to study the mass and energy coupling between the chromosphere and the corona. For this objective, the wavelength of the passband was changed to 172Å (Fe ix/x) and a new custom-built, low-noise camera was installed. This passband samples plasma at a relatively cool coronal or transition region temperature of ~1 MK. Hi-C 2.1 was designed to study two scientific questions: are there coronal counterparts to type II spicules; and what is the relationship between chromospheric and coronal heating in active region cores? The cooler temperatures and high temporal and spatial resolution allow the data to be combined with co-observations made by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS; De Pontieu et al., 2014) to study this connection between the chromosphere and the corona.

        Hi-C 2.1 was launched at 18:54 UT on May 29, 2018 from White Sands Missile Range. The target of observation was Active Region 12712. The Solar Pointing and Aerobee Control System (SPARCS) maintained a constant target for the duration of the flight. For 335s, Hi-C 2.1 recorded full detector (~ 2k x 2k) images with a 2s exposure at a cadence of 4.4s.
Icon  Name                      Last modified      Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [   ] good_bad_indices.sav 2019-05-10 15:03 1.6K Arrays of good/bad indices of frames with jitter issues [DIR] coordinated_observations/ 2019-08-19 11:30 - Directory containing AIA and IRIS coordinated observation files [DIR] Hi-C2.1_UserGuides/ 2019-08-19 11:32 - Directory containing Hi-C 2.1 User Guides [DIR] Calibration/ 2019-08-20 00:09 - Directory containing Hi-C 2.1 calibration related files [DIR] Level_1.0/ 2019-08-19 11:33 - Directory containing individual Hi-C 2.1 Level 1.0 FITS files [DIR] Level_1.5/ 2019-08-19 11:33 - Directory containing individual Hi-C 2.1 Level 1.5 FITS files [   ] Hi-C2.1_all.tar.gz 2019-08-13 15:23 1.9G Gzipped TAR of all Hi-C 2.1 data, calibration and user guides
There are 3 Hi-C 2.1 data products available: In addition there are two contemporaneous data sets taken from AIA and IRIS For more information on the different Hi-C 2.1 data sets, please refer to the Hi-C 2.1 Data Levels User Guide.

VSO Shopping cart with all Hi-C dataVSO-NSO-190829-0373.8 GB
VSO Shopping cart with all Hi-C, AIA and IRIS dataVSO-NSO-190829-03813.4 GB
Direct link to 2k Level 1.0 FITS files2k-Level_1.0.tar.gz830 MB
Direct link to 2k Level 1.5 FITS files2k-Level_1.0.tar.gz1.1 GB
Direct link to contemporaneous AIA 171Å dataAIA_171.tar330 MB

Hi-C 2.1 data is also available via the VSO IDL client. Examples for accessing the data are given below.

IDL> files = vso_search('2018-05-29 18:50:00', '2018-05-29 19:05:00', source='Hi-C21')
Records Returned : MSFC : 5/5
'files' will contain such information as
#           INSTRUMENT               SOURCE                          FILEID                                                        SIZE
0 Hi-C2.1 contemporaenous IRIS data    IRIS  https://netdrms02...edu/MSFC/Hi-C2.1/coordinated_observations/IRIS/IRIS_all.tar.gz  9.1 GB
1 Hi-C2.1 contemporaneous AIA data      AIA  https://netdrms02...edu/MSFC/Hi-C2.1/coordinated_observations/AIA/AIA_171.tar       330 MB
2 Hi-C2.1 2Kx2K Level 1.5 files      Hi-C21  https://netdrms02...edu/MSFC/Hi-C2.1/Level_1.5/2k-Level_1.5.tar.gz                  1.1 GB
3 Hi-C2.1 2Kx2K Level 1.0 files      Hi-C21  https://netdrms02...edu/MSFC/Hi-C2.1/Level_1.0/2k-Level_1.0.tar.gz                  830 MB
4 Hi-C2.1 2Kx2K All files            Hi-C21  https://netdrms02...edu/MSFC/Hi-C2.1/Hi-C2.1_all.tar.gz                             1.9 GB
to download the data use
IDL> ret = vso_get(files)
To select only Hi-C 2.1 data
IDL> files = vso_search('2018-05-29 18:50:00', '2018-05-29 19:05:00', instr='Hi-C21')
Records Returned : MSFC : 3/3
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